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How much can the coolroom hold? What are the dimensions

Our coolrooms have a capcity of 8 cubic metres.
Internal dimensions are: H 205cm L 220cm W 170cm.
External Dimensions are: H 263cm L 450cm W 224cm.

Can I pick up the coolroom from your depot or must it be delivered?
Due to their size and weight, we will deliver the coolroom to you. A small delivery and pickup fee may apply.

Where will you deliver a coolroom to?
We will deliver your coolroom to anywhere in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What type of power does a coolroom require?
All of our coolrooms plug into 240 volt and require a 10 amp extension lead. All of our coolrooms are "tested and tagged". No special power supply is required to run a coolroom. It is important that if you require more than one coolroom, they are plugged into separate power circuits to ensure they run efficiently. All coolrooms have safety switches. We can also supply a suitable generator to run the coolroom if you don't have access to power.

How much space does a coolroom need?
When choosing which coolroom is right for you please consider any clearance restrictions. Do you have sufficient height, length and width to accommodate the coolroom? Are there any gateways, trees or roofs that the coolroom needs to clear? Please check the exact dimensions with our friendly staff to ensure the coolroom will fit.

Can I park a coolroom anywhere?
Flat, level, solid ground is the ideal terrain for setting up the coolroom. The wheels should be chocked to prevent movement.

If I hire a coolroom, when will it arrive?
We will endeavour to deliver your coolroom the day before your event. A 'weekend' coolroom hire is 2 days being Saturday & Sunday. Collection of a weekend hire will normally be scheduled for Monday pending our bookings. If a Sunday pick up is requested then you may incur additional charges. Delivery times will be not be confirmed until 2 days prior to delivery however if you require delivery & collection at specified times on the delivery/pick up days then this may incur additional fees.

What is the minimum hire period?
One day is the minimum hire time.

Can I hire for a long term period?
Yes, you can hire for as long as you need. A day, a week, a month or a year, is OK with us.

Can I lock the unit for security?
Yes, we ask you to provide your own padlock & key for the coolroom door if required. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the coolroom is placed in a secure location to prevent damage, graffiti or theft.

My coolroom or freezer has broken down and I need one on a long term hire for my business, do you offer cheaper rates?
Yes, we certainly do offer discounts for long term hire and we are very happy to arrange long term rental of our coolrooms at a discounted price.

Do I have to clean the coolroom after I hire it?
Yes you must clean the coolroom. We wash and sanitize all of our coolrooms before and after they are hired so that your coolroom is ready for immediate use. We do ask that you remove all contents and any rubbish and give it a general washout for any spillages in the coolroom before returning it. If the coolroom is returned dirty a cleaning fee will be charged to the hirer.

I need extra coolroom space over the summer period for my business, but don't want my staff climbing up and down steps to enter the coolroom?
Our coolrooms have only one step to gain entry, which is very strong, wide and sturdy.

How can I pay for our hire?
We accept cash, Visa Card and MasterCard and require payment prior to delivery.

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Noble Coolrooms Newcastle
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